Introducing The Cat Coaster v3

Coast past cat-astrophes with the ultimate anti-spill coaster. I designed this 3D-printed cup holder to prevent my brat cat Darwin from knocking over our drinks. It's his favorite thing to do. Now we occasionally hear a "tap, tap" when he tries to knock them over, but he hasn't beat it yet. This fits nearly all of the cups we have and all of the takeout drink cup sizes I've tried.*

MULTIPURPOSE:  Protects your beverage from a variety of non-feline shenanigans: critters, children, earthquakes, clumsy roommates, swimming, tailgate parties. Makes a great gift. But why limit to drinks? You can also use it for spare change, keys, rocks, etc. The options are endless.

*If you have a larger cup, stay tuned for The Cat Coaster JUMBO.